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Serving the radiation oncology market in the United States.

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Satisfy your centers treatment planning needs without breaking the bank. Competitive consultant pricing means your center is not responsible for benefits which equates to increased profit margins for your business.

About Wave

The idea of Wave Dosimetry was first devised in early 2020.

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Remote dosimetry assistance was and still is in demand and Wave Dosimetry was created to meet this need. Quality, flexibility, and efficiency are what Wave Dosimetry is about. The client can readily access Wave Dosimety and due to this intimate nature, Wave Dosimetry is uniquely suited to address the specific dosimetric needs of your Radiation Oncology practice.
The sinusoidal wave seen throughout this website is meant to represent an electromagentic wave of no particular energy. We chose a cycle that was aesthetically pleasing.

Mission Statement

To provide remote dosimetric services of the highest standard while simultaneously recognizing the human component behind every medical record number and treatment plan.



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Frequently Asked Questions

A cost effective dosimetric solution for your business.

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How does it work?

It’s simple! An IT member or technologically inclined employee from your organization will install software on a designated TPS workstation. This software allows your assigned dosimetrist to remote plan for your company. The installation process takes minutes to complete. There is no transfer of data. All patient information remains only on your network and the remote connection is HIPAA compliant.

What about STAT cases?

Wave Dosimetry will always strive to meet the needs of your organization. It’s understood that there is a real person, a real patient behind every medical record number.

How long can we get coverage for?

Wave Dosimetry offers coverage for short term to long term. Coverage for vacations to filling a permanent position.

Why hire Wave Dosimetry?

Wave Dosimetry understands the need for quality patient care. Wave Dosimetry is readily accessible and the relationship between CMD and your organization is personal and closely acquainted.

Contact Wave Dosimetry

Achieving quality treatment plans is just a click away for your practice. Request additional information now!

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